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Life of Worship

This is a devotional that was published in the older version of HarvestersOnline.com

Key Scripture: Revelation 4:8

…and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty which was, and is, and is to come.

Good day. Did you enjoy the last Sunday Worship service at your local church? Your answer is probably yes, along with all the regular cliches in the answer to that question. However, let us be reminded today that worship does not end with the Sunday service. It is simply whacky worship to lift hands and praise God on Sunday, and ignore His presence the other days of the week. God wants us to have a life of worship.

The scripture today speaks of the four living creatures that John saw when receiving the book of Revelation. They worshipped God without resting. The awesomeness of God’s glory and splendor demands continual worship of His majesty. Even the things in nature itself testifies daily to the glory of God.

In like manner, we must live a life that continually glorifies God. We must live a life of worship. One that honors and glorifies God in everything that we do. In whatever we do, we must ask ourselves: “will this glorify the Lord?”. And are the things that I am doing influencing others to glorify and worship God?

Therefore, let us refuse to take a break from worship. Our Lord is so great that he deserves much more than the Sunday morning routine. Let us continually worship the Lord.

Father, I praise you this day. I surrender my all to you that I may be a true worshipper each day. Amen.

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The Book – No More Whacky Worship



No More Whacky Worship is a book that challenges believers to return to the foundations of true worship. It challenges many of the current ideas that are hindering the true type of worship God desires. The first of these hindering ideas is the increasing resistance among many Christians to regularly attend a local church. Gathering in a local church is a vital part of true worship. God manifests himself in an unprecedented way when we are gathered together with others to worship him. People go to the theater to watch movies; attend school to receive an education; go to the concert for entertainment; we go to church to gather for worship.

Other hindrances to worship the book covers is sexual uncleanness, idolatry and worldliness. A main area that is dealt with is the spirit of divination. The spirit of divination to pass along spiritual information and insight outside of Jesus Christ and the Bible. It is seen in witchcraft, palm-reading, horoscope, astrology, spiritual healing and so on. Some believers dabble in a form of these practices of divination and are stifled from true worship. The book, No More Whacky Worship goes into how the spirit of divination have infested the lives of many even through religious experiences.

Steps to freedom for worship is covered in the chapter on Unload and Liftoff. Unload all the heaviness that binds our lives from true worship, and lifting off in a life of worship and praise.

This book is for believers, church leaders, and religious seekers who seek an answer to any of the following:

  • What practices prevent church-goers from being true worshippers?
  • Can a true worshipper avoid regular church attendance?
  • Are all churches true places of worship?
  • How to overcome the spiritual bondages and strongholds that prevent true worship? How a local church can experience a revival of worship?
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