A Thousand Praises

Read: Psalm 136

Psalm 136:1 – O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.
Here on earth, change is inevitable. Nothing seems stable. Nothing is sure. Nations rise and fall. Earthquakes and tsunamis rift the geological landscape. In an instant, the economy rises and falls. The instability can be nerve wrecking; we can’t even keep up with the formation of new diseases. There is much to worry about, and fears are everywhere.

Yet, many things remain constant. Every morning the sun rises, and sets in the evening. The rivers continually flow into the sea; the flowers bloom, and the bird sings. Movable only by God’s word, the heavens and the earth remains.

In a world of nerve wrecking shifts, the believer is assured in an unchanging God. He is ever the same. His goodness and mercy endures forever. In God, we have freedom of mind to continually rejoice, and inner peace to be faithful.

Therefore, the believer always has a praise, in good and bad times a reason to rejoice. Yes, we have a thousand praises.

Let the worries and doubts flee away. Let joy and boldness fill our hearts. Let the light of Christ shine through us. For our God is mighty. For we will praise Him for his creative acts. We will praise Him for His redemptive work. We will praise Him for His providence.

Moreover, only the heart knows and understands the depth of grace God has shown to you and me. So much to thank Him for, a thousand praises and more!



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